Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Simple Cleaning Solutions

Medicine cabinets are one of the most overlooked areas in the bathroom. People often stock them and forget to ever update products, especially as time goes on. As you age, it's important to reassess the types of products to keep on hand for daily comfort, minor issues or in the event of an emergency.

Below are some easy tips to help overhaul your medicine cabinet as you get older and ensure necessary products are properly stored, easily accessible and on hand at home:

Update first aid kit essentials.

Do you have the staples for pain, fevers, stomach aches, allergies, cuts and burns? A first aid kit should always contain items to handle these minor emergencies. And don't forget other important items such as hearing aid batteries, blood pressure monitoring equipment and extra eyeglasses.

Mitigate minor aches and pains.

Muscle and joint pain becomes a bigger problem as you age. More than 52 million Americans*, suffer from arthritis, which is characterized by sudden onsets of pain or swelling in the joints. Consider an alternative to pills that can take time before relief sets in, break the grip and try an over-the-counter topical solution to relieve pain. Topical medicines for arthritis can also be a good choice if you have had stomach ulcers, bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract, or kidney problems. Odorless and fast-acting, Aspercreme® is clinically proven to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain with its targeted, maximum strength formula.

Stock up on seasonal must-haves.

Each season poses different health hurdles. During winter, cold and flu medication should be nearby. Spring brings gardening, so have an effective, targeted pain solution in the cabinet to keep you going for hours. Summer brings more sunlight, so protect aging skin by stashing a strong sunscreen on your shelves. And no matter what the season, purchase only as much as you will use to avoid throwing out expired products next year.

Toss out expired items.

When assessing the items in your medicine cabinet, take note of their expiration date. Properly dispose of outdated over-the-counter pills and prescribed medications. If you are unsure of what you should toss, check with a pharmacist. Purge personal care products that have changed in appearance, smell or texture. Products like toothpaste and deodorant that are beyond their shelf life may lose potency and effectiveness.

Keep a list nearby.

Remembering what needs to be replaced, replenished or refilled is a difficult task. Simplify the situation by keeping a piece of paper taped to the inside of the medicine cabinet. When you notice that something is running low, simply jot a reminder on the paper so you'll see it the next time you open the cabinet.

Create a safe storage system.

Make sure the products you use most frequently are easily accessible and within an arm's reach. Place items taht treat similar symptoms on the same shelf to help keep a cabinet organized. For example, store bandages, gauze and medical tape together. Always keep products in their original packaging to avoid losing important information, and store medications in a cool, dry place since heat and moisture can alter their effectiveness.

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Gardening Tips for
Arthritis Sufferers

An estimated 50 million adult Americans are being told by a doctor they have arthritis*, and 42% of people claim arthritis limits their physical activity, including do-it-yourself lawn and garden activities(1). With all of the stopping and stretching involved in planting and pruning, the work can be particularly painful for those suffering from arthritis.

Don't let arthritis stop you from gardening. Try a few of these tips to help reduce pain while you plant:

  • Stretch ahead of time to prevent injury.(1)
  • Use long-handled tools that allow you to stand, not stoop.(2)
  • Take frequent breaks to prevent pain from building up.(3)
  • Try an over-the-counter topical solution to break the grip from arthritis pain. Odorless and fast-acting, Aspercreme® is clinically proven to temporarily relieve muscle and joint pain and provide relief without having to wait for a pill to take effect.
  • Change positions often while you work to avoid stiffness.(4)

1-4 Source: Arthritis Today, Gardening Tips for Everyone